Friday, November 20, 2009

Ethics and Leadership

Let's Keep Things Ethical

Ethics is an incredibly important concept that is emphasized across the world. This issue focuses on the application of ethics in leadership. At the XCEL center, the main leadership model we focus on is the "Relational Leadership Model." There are Five main components, one of which is "ethics." play a significantly important role in developing leadership. Throughout this issue, you will see how important ethics is in various different industries and organizations. Look for interesting articles on business scandals, health care ethics, environmental ethics, plagiarism, ethics in Binghamton, interviewing ethics and good ethics related classes you can take at Binghamton University. Enjoy!

Getting Involved: Leadership On Campus

It's time to get involved

For our first issue this semester, we opted to focus on campus involvement. Our previous issues had a more "out of Binghamton" focus (i.e. world leadership and pop culture). We felt that it would be a good idea to get information out there on how the incoming students (and no so new students) could get their foot in the water. I know that during my freshman year I had a lot of trouble finding the right activities to get involved in and determining which organizations I could join in order to develop myself as an individual and a leader. This issue is geared towards those people who aren't familiar with the resources at Binghamton University because they are new to the school or simply haven't had the opportunity to explore what this campus has to offer.

Several posts below this include a preview of the different articles that will be published in this issue of the magazine.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Leadership Lately Blog!

What is Leadership Lately?
Leadership Lately is a relatively new Binghamton University publication that began publishing in Fall 2008. Since then we have released 3 issues, and are planning on issuing several more!
The writers and editors of Leadership Lately are the students on the Publications team at the XCEL center at Binghamton University.

The XCEL center is the Center for Student Leadership and Development: a resource designed to help students develop their leadership and communication skills.

The XCEL center has some amazing resources including the following:
1) Lending Library: a "leadership" library or sorts with a variety of books on various topics relating to leadership. There are books on creativity, conflict resolution, leadership theory, famous historical leaders, etc. There are also volumes on leadership development and manuals on leadership activities as well as icebreakers.

2) Public Speaking Labs: the XCEL Leadership Consultants (XLC) host public speaking labs from 5:00pm-8:00pm on MTWR and 3:00pm-5:00pm on F. Essentially people who want to work on their public speaking skills can sign up on the XCEL website or in the XCEL center to do a public speaking lab. The XLC's will have you do a prepared presentation, which gets videotaped. After the speech, you will watch your presentation and the XLC will provide you with a solid critique on how to improve.

3) Workshops: the XCEL center hosts over 30 workshops each semester to help students develop their leadership skills. These workshops range from ethical leadership to etiquette and conflict resolution. It is a great tool to help develop your leadership skills and knowledge. There are Five certificate tracks offered for those who attend a certain number of workshops.

4) Consulting: for organizations on campus that want a third party perspective or need some assistance with internal development, the XCEL center sends consultants to evaluate and help out different organizations. This is a great tool for developing organizations who want help marketing themselves, or bigger organizations who need assistance in planning events.

5) Leadership Lately: the XCEL center magazine that focuses on leadership and its application in various different settings. Previous themes have included "leadership and sustainability", "leadership and pop culture", "world leadership", and our soon to be released issue "getting involved: how to become a leader on campus." The Publications team at the XCEL center is currently working on their next issue, most likely going to be released the beginning of next semester on "ethics and leadership." Look forward for articles on business ethics, plagarism, and class reccomendations!