Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who Inspires Me:

Fibromyalgia (new lat., fibro-, fibrous tissues, Gk. myo-, muscle, Gk. algos-, pain, meaning muscle and connective tissue pain; also referred to as FM or FMS) is a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain, a heightened and painful response to pressure.

Why am I defining this really weird word, Fibromyalgia?
This condition is one of the many reasons why I chose who inspires me, my mother.

It may be really cliche to be inspired by your mom, since I am sure everyone has said that during some point in their life. However I could not think of another person to be inspired by unless I really had to research them. It may be inspiring to read about their life and hear their good deeds, but I do not think of them in a day to day basis. I feel like no one affects my life and my choices more than my mother has.

My mother has the chronic pain condition defined above, Fibromyalgia. It is an issue that she deals with everyday, with no known cure just drugs to numb the pain. But my mother does not let that constant pain and depression get to her. She is still a very motivated person, caring for my large family, our house, and our many animals because she does not let the pain get in the way of her goals and loved ones. She finds ways to help her body through vitamins, natural supplements, and exercise, not drugs. She also constantly worries for mine and my sibling's well beings, and is there whenever we need her. I don't think I will ever not feel loved by my mother.

It is hard to list the many ways she makes me proud to be her daughter, I just know that all these characteristics and more of my mother inspire me to work hard towards my dreams and to love others. It would be easy for my mom to give in and not try to be as normal as she used to be, or do as many things as she does in a day, but she doesn't give up. In turn this motivates me to not give up in anything I do, whether it be school related or just a simple action such as taking back a shirt at Kohls... :)

Inspiration is a great thing in life, and the ability to be inspired helps many become such great leaders. In this case I feel my mother has helped me posses a few great leadership qualities; inclusiveness, empowerment, and motivation. Without her I may not have these characteristics that I am so proud of.

What qualities make someone inspiring to you? These may be the same qualities you wish to achieve as a leader, a way to make yourself better. Think about it, maybe it will be your mother too. :)

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  1. thanks for sharing this justine! this is an amazing story :)